Plant research staff are available for project design, implementation, and refinement. Two full-time professionals offer experience in plant growth techniques, scout for pathogens or pests, and develop challenging technical applications for specialized systems.

Animal research staff provide daily animal husbandry, perform health checks, and assist with research support.

Material and product testing staff assist with equipment installation, technical set-ups, IT needs, and data analysis.

Project monitoring is performed daily, including weekends and holidays, with checks of plant health and watering times, animal health and husbandry, and room performance. Room alarms ensure rapid response to critical deviations 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Wet and dry lab space is available for procedures, sample processing, tissue collection, and other activities.

Headhouse work areas provide space and materials for potting, harvesting, and sample processing. A chemical mixing room and technical lab room allow for nutrient preparation, chemical analysis, or specialized equipment set-up.

Research equipment and instruments available for use include:

  • drying ovens
  • autoclaves
  • freezers
  • coolers
  • tissue culture hood
  • biosafety cabinets
  • fume hoods
  • leaf area meter
  • SPAD chlorophyll meter
  • spectrophotoradiometer
  • CO2 meters
  • light meters
  • surgical supplies