Room Start/Stop/Change Form

This form can be used to request a room be started or that conditions be changed. Your request will be emailed to the Biotron, so please allow for the sometimes slow delivery of email. If you need immediate action, please call 262-4900 and talk with the Biotron operator on duty. In order for us to monitor your room properly, we do not recommend room changes or start ups on Friday afternoon.
  • Grant or Fund information used to pay for room charges.
  • Please allow for 24 hours for the changes to be programmed.
  • 24 Hour Schedule

  • Example: Room with 25c Day, 15c Night
    Time  ⁰C
    0:00 15
    5:00 25
    21:00 15
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  • Example: Room with 50% night and 75% day
    Time  %RH
    0:00 50
    5:00 75
    21:00 50
    Time% RH 
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  • Lighting Types: Incandescent/LED/Sodium/Fluorescent
    Fluorescent 0-100%, Everything else On/Off

    Type Time  On/Off, 0-100%
    Inc/Flu 0:00 Off, 0%
    Inc/Flu 5:00 On, 80%
    Inc/Flu 21:00 Off, 0%
    Lighting TypeTimeOn/Off, 0-100% 
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  • Watering Example: 2 minute watering at 8am.

    Time  On/Off
    0:00 Off
    8:00 On
    8:02 Off
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  • **For multiple entries, please click on the plus sign (+) to add more fields

  • Type and concentration of nutrient solution, if needed.