Per Diem Rates for University and Non-University Research and Testing
Effective 8/1/18 Size (ft2) University Non-University
*Highly Controlled Environments
Small 34 $15.44 $56.81
Medium (Standard) 102 $25.86 $95.18
High Ceiling 123 $31.19 $114.78
Large 272-300 $51.73 $190.37
*Moderately Controlled Greenhouse
Small Air-Conditioned 156 $12.43 $45.74
Large Air-Conditioned 180 $14.34 $52.78
Evaporatively Cooled 525 $27.90 $102.65
**Biotron Animal Research Services
Mouse **(per cage per day) $1.05
Diabetic mouse **(per cage per day) $2.00
Rat **(per rat per day) $0.89
Miscellaneous Rates
Non-standard rodent care (per half hour) $15.00
Laboratory Space

(please contact for details)

CER Suites available

(please contact for details)

Consumable plant supplies, complex setups, and research assistance available at cost. various
*Room initiation charge of $100 applies for the start of each CER or greenhouse room for initial Metasys programming, testing, and setup. $100.00

per room

**Animal per diem charges are based on 4-5 mice per cage and 1-2 rats per cage with cage-changing frequency as outlined in The Guide (2011) and the BARS SOPs.  High-maintenance models requiring non-standard care, including diabetic animals, may incur additional charges for labor and supplies.

Rent a room