Effective Fiscal 2017 / July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Rental rates for controlled environments and greenhouse rooms are based on operating costs. Rates are subsidized for University of Wisconsin investigators. Fees for commercial clients are not subsidized. Project fees include a room initiation charge ($100 per room start), per diem room charges or cage charges (below), and charges for consumable supplies (billed at cost). Some charges may be reduced or waived for new projects, pilot studies, long-term research, or innovative uses of Biotron facilities. Contact the program manager to discuss pricing and options.

Biotron services included in the project fees are:

  • room disinfection and sanitation
  • room performance tuning and testing for researcher conditions
  • equipment and table set up
  • basic irrigation / automatic watering system setup
  • pest management / pesticide application
  • room condition scheduling
  • room data collection, analysis, and archive
  • daily on-site monitoring
  • 24-hour alarm response

July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 

Size (ft2) University Non-University
Highly Controlled Environments
Small 34 $14.70 $54.10
Medium (Standard) 102 $24.63 $90.65
High Ceiling 123 $29.70 $109.31
Large 272-300 $49.27 $181.30
Moderately Controlled Greenhouse
Small Air-Conditioned 156 $11.84 $43.56
Large Air-Conditioned 180 $13.66 $50.27
Evaporatively Cooled 525 $26.57 $97.76
Biotron Animal Research Services*
mouse (per cage per day) $1.00
rat (per rat per day) $0.89
non-standard rodent care $15 per half hour
Laboratory Space call for quote various

Room initiation charge of $100 applies for the start of each CER or greenhouse room for initial Metasys programming, testing, and setup.     

Consumable plant supplies, complex setups, and research assistance available at cost.   

Animal per diem charges are based on 4-5 mice per cage and 1-2 rats per cage with cage-changing frequency as outlined in The Guide (2011) and the BARS SOPs.  High-maintenance models requiring non-standard care, including diabetic animals, may incur additional charges for labor and supplies.