Lab Manager, March 9, 2016
Many climates, many experiments

For most organizations, varying temperatures in the workplace are a source of many battles between staff over whether the heat or A/C should be set to high or low. But for the Biotron Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, varying temperatures and humidity levels are a good thing. The facility offers 45 environmentally controlled rooms that are completely isolated from one another and can simulate almost any climate on Earth. That makes it perfect for a wide variety of plant, animal, and materials research.....

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Isthmus, March 2, 2016
Field station in a box

Never mind Punxsutawney Phil. The thirteen-lined ground squirrels that hibernate in plastic drawers in the UW-Madison Biotron take their cues from Hannah Carey. The Biotron is a three-story laboratory on Observatory Drive designed “to simulate every climate on Earth except Antarctica." The coldest it gets is -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Carey calls it “a field station in the middle of campus.” In addition to serving as the facility’s director, Carey....

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Badger Herald, February 10, 2016
UW’s Biotron’s terrestrial capabilities surpass labs around the country

Groundbreaking research includes growing plants in space, stress on products due to climate conditions. Though the word “Biotron” might sound more like a Transformer than a laboratory, the research that takes place there is anything but science fiction. While the UW lab itself is no work of fiction, it does help scientists turn their wildest ideas into reality. The Biotron lab is able to recreate any terrestrial environment on earth, allowing researchers to conduct more versatile experiments....

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Big Ten Network, January 7, 2016
Wisconsin’s Biotron is a lab for all seasons

Where can you go from icy tundra to a warm equatorial climate just by going down the hall? Where can you experience the inky darkness of a moonless night and near-blinding light of day in a span of seconds, yet never leave the confines of a building? If you’re on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, the answer is the Biotron. “We replicate conditions from as far around the globe as possible,” said Dr. Hannah Carey, Biotron director....

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Wisconsin Public Radio, January 6, 2016
Scorching desert and frozen tundra, all in one building

From the outside, it's a bland, windowless red brick building. Inside, however, is a world of activity — literally. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Biotron is designed to simulate every environment on the planet, save Antarctica. According to Hannah Carey, the Biotron's director, the research facility provides "unique environments for researchers at UW-Madison, others within the UW System, and even for commercial clients in the area that want to take advantage of environments that they may not be able to get anywhere else."....

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UW-Madison News, December 23, 2015
Biotron puts any environment on Earth in researchers’ reach

One of the most flexible and unique research facilities in North America is sitting in plain sight, but near anonymity, on the west side of the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. “When I tell people I work at the Biotron, they say, ‘Oh, I’ve walked by that building a million times, and I never knew what went on in there,’ ” explains its assistant director, Isabelle Girard. “ ‘It seems so secretive, with no windows.’ But it’s really easy to understand what we do here, whether you’re a part of the university or not.”....

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