New Clients

The Biotron provides precisely controlled testing environments to academic and commercial clients. If you are interested in exploring the Biotron’s capabilities to support your plant, animal, material, or product testing study, please contact the program manager for your area of interest or the Assistant Director: Biotron Contacts.

Initiating a project is easy. The program manager will meet with you and your research staff to understand the mechanical and technical requirements of the project. The appropriate room(s) are reserved and the temperature, humidity, lighting, watering and other schedules are programmed. The room(s) are extensively tested for performance prior to the start of a study. Room performance is monitored continuously during the study. At study completion, the research team removes study materials and submits a “stop” sheet to end the billing period.

Room preparation requires set-up and testing, so a 10-business day lead time is requested between room reservation and study start date. Occasionally, we can accommodate shorter preparation times. High-demand rooms, multiple-room experiments, or complex technical set-ups may require advance scheduling and longer lead times. The program manager for your area will provide information, options, and coordination


Room Rates