About the Biotron Laboratory

The Biotron Laboratory offers controlled testing environments for academic and commercial clients in plant, animal, and materials research. The Biotron is a one-of-a-kind research facility that has supported testing for NASA space probes, Antarctic drilling equipment, hibernating squirrels, and LED development for plant growth. The Biotron provides controlled environments and climate-controlled greenhouses to support plant, animal, and materials research for university, non-profit, and commercial clients. Temperature, humidity, lighting, and plant watering regimens are scheduled and controlled to meet precise experimental setpoints. Room performance is continuously monitored and alarmed, and staff respond to critical deviations 24 hours per day. Making it the perfect location for your next experiment or research project.


  • Human powers of hibernation may be dormant in genetic code

    Bears do it. So do groundhogs, squirrels, turtles and many other animals. Humans, however, can’t hibernate — at least not right now. But scientists exploring the genetic underpinnings of hibernation in animals think they may …

  • Bear hibernation is a superpower, but it comes with a cost

    “I always call this the magical time of year,” Hannah Carey, who researches the physiology of hibernating animals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine, said in an interview.

  • Nitrogen Fixation in Maize

    Plants are associated with a complex microbiota that contributes to nutrient acquisition, plant growth, and plant defense. Nitrogen-fixing microbial associations are efficient and well characterized in legumes but are limited in cereals, including maize. We …

  • From test tube to plate, UW–Madison program keeps potatoes

    Years before that french fry landed on your plate, the plant that would eventually give rise to the spud your fry was cut from was sealed away deep in a secure-access building, growing slowly in …

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