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Biotron BuildingControlled Environments for Research

The Biotron is a controlled environment facility for biological research within the Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Research at the Biotron is subsidized by the Graduate School for UW - Madison investigators; outside investigators paying unsubsidized rates are welcome when space is available. The Biotron provides researchers the ability to manipulate parameters of the physical environment to simulate natural environments or changes in the environment resulting from human activities. The Biotron is a complex air conditioning system consisting of 50 rooms with artificial lighting and 29 greenhouse units, each of which is independently controlled and ventilated.

We have a number of rooms that can hold temperatures from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. We have plant controlled environment rooms as well as greenhouses. The greenhouses were completed in 1996. There are 25 air-conditioned greenhouses plus 4 evaporatively-cooled greenhouses. The air conditioned greenhouses are ideal for elevated carbon dioxide research, and we can provide up to four houses at elevated carbon dioxide and four control houses allowing replication not often possible in elevated carbon dioxide experimentation. We also have one high-pressure chamber and two low-pressure chambers.


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