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Biotron Control Software Interface - MetasysWelcome to the Biotron

The Biotron provides controlled environments and climate-controlled greenhouses to support plant, animal, and materials research. Temperature, humidity, lighting and watering regimens are scheduled and controlled to meet experimental setpoints. Room performance is continuously monitored and alarmed, and staff respond to critical deviations 24 hours per day.

The Biotron provides experienced greenhouse, animal-care, mechanical and technical staff to ensure successful project development and support. The Biotron also provides laboratory and support spaces for preparation, procedures, harvesting and other research activities.

Biotron features include:

The Biotron is open to all UW-Madison campus investigators, UW-System researchers, and commercial clients. Rental rates vary by affiliation, type of room, and additional services required.

To inquire about space or discuss research needs, please contact the program manager or Associate Director:

Associate Director Isabelle Girard
Biotron Animal Research Services (BARS) Wayne Nehls
Plant Research Manager Bjorn Karlsson
Materials Research Manager Thomas Whitten



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